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Your Key to Passing the Bar Exam

Congratulations on graduating from law school. You have trained long and hard to become an attorney; however, your path to success is not complete yet. First, you must pass the bar exam to become a licensed attorney. At The Lawyer Makers, LLC of Birmingham, Alabama, we hold bar exam seminars that provide students with the tutoring they need to pass on the bar exam. Let The Bar Examination Academy show you how to develop legal writing and analytical skills that will help you pass the bar exam.

Good Writing Skills Are Key To Passing The Bar Examination

Good writing skills are critical to your success during the bar examination and in the day-to-day practice of law. Unfortunately, many law students have not been exclusively trained in the fundamentals of writing legal essay answers. This lack of essay writing training often leads to subpar performances on bar examination essays. If you want to sharpen your legal writing skills, we will help.

How to Pass the Bar Examination the First Time

The Bar Examination Academy is a powerful one-day seminar in which you will learn the critical skills, strategies, and techniques that will make the difference in your quest to be successful on the essay, multiple choice, and performance sections of the bar examination. Each participant will receive a detailed instructional manual which covers the essay, performance test and multiple choice sections of the bar exam.

Scales of Justice

Developing Your Personal Writing Style

The Lawyer Makers LLC teaches and emphasizes the fundamentals of essay writing necessary for you to be
successful on bar examination essays. You will learn:

  • A Simple Method for Writing Each Essay Answer
  • An Easy Method For Writing Performance Test Answers, No Matter What Format Is Tested
  • How to Study, Practice, and Be Successful on the Multiple Choice Section of the Bar Exam
  • How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Strengthen Any Writing Weakness
  • Why You Can't Be Successful on Bar Examination Essays Just by Studying Law Outlines
  • Why the Rule of Law Is the Most Important Item on Legal Essay Exams
  • Why You Must Memorize All of the Relevant Law
  • How to Organize Your Essay Answers
  • Why Time Management on the Bar Examination Is Important
  • How to Assist the Bar Examiners in Grading Your Essay Answers
  • How to Utilize the Bar Review Materials that you have

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